Weekly Photo Challenge : Transition

My son has just turned 6 and there are so many little things that make me aware of the transition. His ankles beginning to show in his favourite jeans, the fact that he designed his own costume for his birthday party, that he’s jumped several levels in his reading since last year and that he’s becoming more and more opinionated.



Weekly Photo Challenge : Victory


As a parent you realize that you are your child’s greatest cheerleader. The pride and joy you feel at your child’s success surpasses the elation at any of your own victories.

And this is how I felt when I came to watch Nadir perform as the lead character in his school play. Apparently it was not a big deal for him as he had not even rehearsed his lines in front of me. In fact I had thought that it would just be a performance of a few songs and the teacher had also wanted to surprise me. But the way my little boy performed, I thought my heart would jump out and fall into my lap.

This was a couple of years back and since then Nadir has given me ample opportunities to be proud of him. However this occasion will always remain as a special moment in my heart.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Treat


When most of the world is bracing for a long harsh winter, this is when we, in Bahrain, can look forward to spending more time outdoors. As the temperature finally starts dropping the flowers start blooming and the BBQ grills come out.

For me it’s a treat when I can look out of the window in the morning to find that a new beautiful flower has bloomed in my garden.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Change


This is a photo of my nearly 80 year old mom painting. What is brilliant about it is that she hasn’t picked up a paint brush in more than 20 years. A few weeks ago I bought her a canvas and said “Ammi you’ve got to paint this!” And she did it and came up with a beautiful painting. I loved this positive change in her. As I said before its great to be involved with your children but you’ve just got to find time for yourself doing things you love.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

On my family’s recent trip to the UK, we stayed with some relatives in a lovely little town up north. My favourite part of their house was the garden and the rose bush which was enveloping the entrance to the garden. As the cool wind blew, rose petals fluttered down on the lush green grass and filled the air with an inviting fragrance. The rose petals looked so beautiful even when they had fallen from the flower that I just had to take a photo. P1020246