Weekly Photo Challenge : Gathering


I have made some lovely friends from among the moms of my son’s classfellows since we moved to Bahrain. We recently had a get together and I decided it would be nice if I make something for them to take along. So I came up with these felt flower brooches. I loved it that they all wore them and had a photo taken.



Weekly Photo Challenge : Oops

4 years ago we made our first short trip out of Dubai with our son. As we checked into the hotel and I whipped out my camera to record yet another cute expression on his face, my son decided enough was enough. He hid his face in the pillows so I would not take his picture. I still did. (Why do kids think that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them either??)


Fast forward 4 years and now he’s getting into photos he’s not supposed to!



Weekly Photo Challenge : Transition

My son has just turned 6 and there are so many little things that make me aware of the transition. His ankles beginning to show in his favourite jeans, the fact that he designed his own costume for his birthday party, that he’s jumped several levels in his reading since last year and that he’s becoming more and more opinionated.



Weekly Photo Challenge : Victory


As a parent you realize that you are your child’s greatest cheerleader. The pride and joy you feel at your child’s success surpasses the elation at any of your own victories.

And this is how I felt when I came to watch Nadir perform as the lead character in his school play. Apparently it was not a big deal for him as he had not even rehearsed his lines in front of me. In fact I had thought that it would just be a performance of a few songs and the teacher had also wanted to surprise me. But the way my little boy performed, I thought my heart would jump out and fall into my lap.

This was a couple of years back and since then Nadir has given me ample opportunities to be proud of him. However this occasion will always remain as a special moment in my heart.