Weekly Photo Challenge: Reinventing a Room

When we bought our own house in Islamabad, it was tiny but just perfect for us. The previous owners had been using this space just as a landing connecting with the bedroom and the dining area. But we needed a place to make into our TV lounge. So I boarded up the stairs with fibre glass to make a wall and ensure privacy and I used the area under the stairs to make a storage place on top of which I placed my decorations and lamps. I ordered an L-shaped sofa to fit into the small space we had and it was a perfect “room” for a couple to watch TV and relax.
G-10 House - Lounge (2009.10.26)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

On my recent trip to Islamabad, Pakistan after an absence of nearly 4 years, I noticed a lot of police presence in public areas. It did in fact make me a bit nervous and it’s no wonder. In the one week I was there a bomb exploded in a fruit market killing more than 20 people.

Not only that but I also noticed that the people seem to be more “Islamized”. Here I captured a police van in a public park. The gentlemen in the foreground seem to be perfectly at ease so I’m assuming they were just there to enjoy the weather.P1010804_1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring in Islamabad

For me, this year around, spring was special because I got the chance to visit my home city of Islamabad in the holidays. I planned my trip at this time because it’s too cold in the winter and the summer is even more unbearable with the frequent power shut downs. Spring is the perfect time to visit and Islamabad looked absolutely beautiful. I got the chance to visit my favorite place in the city. It’s a restaurant up in the hills that overlooks the city. The drive till there is breathtaking and the food at the restaurant isn’t bad either. I got a shot of the dwindling light of early evening as the restaurant prepared to serve dinner.

Friday Fictioneers: Loadshedding

melting-wax-renee-heathAnother power shut down and this time even the battery-operated fan and light have run out. I light a candle and wait.

Drops of sweat form on my forehead, as I fan my son who is sleeping peacefully in his cot. The sounds of an argument come wafting through the open window from the house next door. They always fight when the lights go out. A mosquito buzzes in my ear announcing its intent.

As I watch the candle flame dance in the dark and the wax drip down the table, I dream of a better life for my son. Will it ever be possible?

Load shedding or the deliberate shut down of power for 12 to 18 hours per day is a regular feature of life in Pakistan.


Pakistani Handicrafts

I was very fortunate to get a chance to pick up a few handicrafts from Pakistan on my visit to Islamabad. I was very happy to see a government handicraft shop at the Pakistan Monument with crafts from all over Pakistan. This post is dedicated to the skilled artisans of Pakistan who despite their many talents are striving to make ends meet.

These are hand carved brass ornaments made in the city of Multan. The work is intricate and beautifully done.

Also from Multan comes their famous pottery, hand made and painted with the dominant color of blue.


This is a jewelry box and earrings made in silver and stones.

Lastly this is a replica of a “riksha” a three wheeler used for public transport in many areas of Pakistan. Rikshas are actually this colorful!