While many countries around the world are beginning to enjoy chilly weather, we in Bahrain are still waiting for it to become less hot so we can spend some time outdoors. During the day the temperature is still touching 40s (celsius) and it’s impossible to be outside. In the evening it is not as hot but the humidity is terrible. When I go for my one hour walk I’m completely drenched by the time I come back.

I had planned to have my daughter’s 2nd birthday at home in my garden but it looks like it will still be hot by the end of this month. It has been hotter this year than last year. So now I’m having it in an indoor air conditioned play area.

In my home country, Pakistan, it is already beginning to get chilly. I miss enjoying all four seasons which we had there. At this time the trees are changing color and the leaves are starting to fall. The air feels cool and the fans are on low. There are a few months to enjoy before the bitter cold.

In contrast, here in Bahrain the winter months are the ones to enjoy and it only gets chilly for a few weeks somewhere in January. That’s when the blankets and sweaters come out. The rest of the “winter” is what is spring for others.

I’m really looking forward to the weather changing. The children are quite fed up not being able to go outside that much. I hope it won’t be long.

My daughter’s cheeks are all red as she plays with bubbles in the garden.

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