Of picky eaters and happy eaters

When my son was a baby his doctor told me to let him taste a variety of flavours so that he would like a variety of food when he grew up. So I used to take all sorts of fruits and veggies, puree them, freeze them in an ice cube tray and put them into packets with labels. (Ok I went a bit overboard but that always happens with the first child.) I had everything from peaches and mangoes to green beans and pumpkin. Everyday I would give him a different flavour of food. BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME.

Now he’s almost 9 and all he eats is burgers, pizzas and nuggets. His school sends notices to all the parents that they should be given healthy snacks. But what’s the point of giving a healthy snack if it’s going to come back uneaten. So I give him crisps and hope nobody will notice. He eats his lunch from the cafeteria and the best day for him is when they serve nuggets and chips.

My daughter who is nearly 2 is a completely different story. She actually likes to eat. She started off with purees I picked up from the market and when she moved on to solids she would just eat whatever was cooked at home. And she still does. When we go out we never have a problem figuring out what she will eat.

Its amazing how different the two are. My theory is that each child is born with a predisposition to food and whatever you do it will not change.


6 thoughts on “Of picky eaters and happy eaters

  1. My son loved his baby food (puree) and would eat anything and everything I put in front of him…until he was introduced to real food. He is 14 and is VERY picky. He hates food really and will only eat out of survival. He is also very particular about what he eats. Recently he has taken to a no salt/pepper/seasonings of any kind phase. It is funny how much they can change and how their tastes are innate.

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