Biter baby

I asked my nearly 9 yr old son to watch the baby while I made dinner. I had just taken the grater out when I heard a scream. My hand slipped and a few drops of blood oozed from the cut on my finger. At the same moment I realized that it was my son who had screamed and not the baby.

“What happened?” I yelled from the kitchen. “She bit me! On the stomach! It really hurt!” he replied.

“Oh Nadir just be careful! You know her teeth are coming out, her gums are itchy, that’s why she bites. Do you need some ice?”

“It’s ok now. But can I have some candy?”

“Nice try mister. I told you I’m making dinner.”

“Ok” said Nadir sounding disappointed.

“Just 5 min more. I need to put something on my finger.”

“Who bit you?” asked Nadir.

“It wasn’t Zoya!” We both looked at the baby standing there innocently and laughed.

Written in response to the following challenge in which the words candy, grater and teeth were to be used in a post.

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