Weekly Photo Challenge : Vibrant


My son and I made these kindness jars today. Each member of the family (there’s a jar for Venus, our maid and nanny as well) has the opportunity to earn points by doing something kind and thoughtful. The points will appear as colorful beads in the jars. There’s a window on the side of the jars so we can see what level we’re at. Negativity will be punished by taking away beads. Each person has his criteria for earning or losing points.
I also want to translate the beads into cash earned for my son. This should keep his interest for longer and will also teach him about how to handle money. We haven’t started giving him pocket money as yet.
Here in Bahrain where we live, we get to enjoy a moderate winter and feel very fortunate to do so. The world needs warmth at the moment and the best kind is kindness.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Vibrant

  1. I wandered off for two years, but here you are, still posting! And I simply adore kindness acts! I have made it one of my goals this year to practice more kindness, and I love to see others doing the same!

    • How lovely to hear from you! Yes we could all do with some kindness, it’s really needed all around the world.
      I have tried to keep posting but these days I can only manage 1 post a week.

      • As someone who has only managed one post in two years, I still find one a week quite impressive, especially since you have been doing so all this time! I’m glad to see you are still here, because you have a very lovely blog which I have always enjoyed reading!

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