A day at Wimbledon

1st July 2015. That was the day my dream came true.

I have loved and followed tennis for as long as I can remember and only recently started playing it as well. It has always been my dream to go and watch a match at Wimbledon.

I had so far done nothing to achieve this dream and when we booked our vacation to the UK, I had no idea what would become the focal point of our short trip. When I read in the paper that the tournament was scheduled at the same time we would be there I told myself that I had to make it somehow. Now everyone knows how difficult it is to get good tickets last minute and I felt my dream slip away. But then my coach who I had recently started playing with told me that he could allocate Center Court tickets for me. Yes Center Court.

And so on 1st July 2015 I found myself riding the official transport for the Championships and watching both No 1 seeds in action on Center Court.

If I could I would relive that day. A couple of times. At least.




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