Lost Duck

My 5 year old doesn’t have much confidence in my navigation skills. He often asks me when I’m driving if we’re lost, to which I confidently reply that I know exactly where I’m going. This is true most of the times.

So what makes people think that having navigation in your car and Google Maps on your phone can get you to where you want to go? There’s absolutely no guarantee. Especially for people like me.

I try the hardest not to get lost when my child is at the back so when I have to go looking for a new place I make sure I go alone. I look at maps to get a general idea of the direction I will be taking and hope that the routes will not be closed due to construction or any other reason.

My husband tells me it’s hard to get lost in a small place like Bahrain. “It’s an island, for God’s sake, where will you go?” Well I don’t like the idea of going round in circles for an infinite number of times. Because that could happen to me.

I also hate driving at night. If they had tested me for night time driving I probably would have failed. A sixth time. Well that’s another story. So if I’m out I have to make sure I’m back home before night. Otherwise anything could happen.

Well now you know why my kid keeps asking me if we’re lost. What can I say, he’s a smart kid.


2 thoughts on “Lost Duck

  1. Kids somehow have a really keen sense of places and how to get to them, I trained by daughter at an early age to recognize landmarks and know directions and now? she corrects me if I decide to take a different route! when did kids grow up so fast huh!

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