Saturday morning

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

I would love to sleep late on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately I have a 5 year old who likes to sneak into my bed in the middle of the night and get up at 6:30 sharp. So does he wake me up? Yes, of course. He starts wriggling, pulling the bed cover off me, landing his knees in my stomach until I have no other choice but to get out of bed.

Being a Saturday it should be a relaxing morning, but having a super active little boy makes sure it isn’t. I have enrolled him in tennis classes and I have to take him every weekend from 9 to 10 in the morning. Thankfully the tennis academy is just a 4 minute drive away and we often reach there 5 minutes before the scheduled start.

Now Nadir loves hitting the ball, but he loves messing around even more. He knows it’s not school so he can be as non-serious as he wants. I have to stand with him as he gets his turn in the group class and urge him to follow the coach’s instructions. I’m the only parent doing that and I envy the others who are relaxing on the chairs happily punching away on their smartphones while their children do exactly what they’re supposed to. By the end of the one hour class, I’m not sure who’s more of a nervous wreck, me or the coach.


In the meantime, my husband is snoring away in bed. He gets to sleep in on the weekend since he goes to work all week and I don’t. I know, life isn’t fair.

The rest of the morning is spent in keeping Nadir busy in various activities. This is not so difficult as he loves to draw and color and can spend a lot of time doing just that. Sometimes he draws a monster and asks me to make a mask for him like that. He patiently waits while I work away with my felt and glue gun.


Saturday mornings are definitely more hectic than other mornings but I really treasure the time I spend with my son.

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