Game Set Match

On the way back from his first tennis lesson yesterday, I asked Nadir how he had decided that he wanted to play tennis, “Did you watch someone play at the Country Club (the one near our house)?”

“No, I saw on Tom and Jerry, the dog was playing tennis.”

Wow. Turns out these cartoons are not so useless after all.

Anyway I’m really happy that my son is learning how to play tennis and to swim, something I would have loved to learn had I got the opportunity in my childhood. I felt so proud as I watched the coach give him a big thumbs up and high five.

After his lesson, Nadir declared, “I’m the best tennis player in the world!”

“Well you’ll have to work really hard for that” I replied. You really have to give the boy for having confidence.

I wrote earlier about how nervous and panic-stricken I get close to his birthday because I start judging myself as a mother and whether I’ve done enough for him through the year. Having enrolled him in tennis I feel more satisfied. Not just because he would have started learning a sport before he turns 5 but because it made him so happy. Isn’t that what it’s all about? To see our children’s happiness?

After his second lesson today I pointed out a photo of Roger Federer and told Nadir, “This is Roger Federer, he’s the best tennis player in the world.”

“Oh then we’re both the best tennis players in the world!” he said with a cheeky smile.


3 thoughts on “Game Set Match

  1. So sweet. Having that much confidence already will get him far in life in whatever he’ll do. There’s nothing to worry about. You have a great son there 🙂

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