Weekly Writing Challenge: Fatal Twist

red rose

Photo Credits: Public Domain Images

It was the 10th anniversary of their wedding. It seemed like yesterday that Steve had taken Maria to their favorite park and presented her with a red rose and a diamond ring. It was the happiest moment in his life that she had agreed to be his wife. How time had flown by. Their son Mike, was now nearly 5 years old and asked questions that they couldn’t answer without consulting the internet.

Steve and Maria wanted to have a special celebration and booked a flight to Paris for the weekend. The Eiffel tower at night had a special romantic allure for them. They left their son with Steve’s parents with promises to bring something special for him from Paris.

Somehow neither the River Seine nor the Louvre lived up to their reputation. Even the Eiffel tower seemed ordinary and they were stuck in queues for hours to go up to the view point. Maria kept wondering whether Mike was eating his food properly and Steve kept cursing himself for forgetting his French every time they needed directions. Even the food was mediocre.

On the second day it started raining and the couple spent their day at the hotel. Maria was worried that their flight might be delayed but when they checked online there were no delays. They boarded the airplane with the pilot warning them of turbulence due to thunderstorms during the flight. The plane crashed soon after it took off. Steve and Maria breathed their last holding on to each other. From their belongings a tiny replica of the Eiffel tower was recovered. It had been the special present for Mike.

Some days later, as Mike visited the graves of his parents with his grandfather, holding the tiny Eiffel tower, he prayed with all his might. He prayed for God to look after them and he prayed he would never forget them.


The Bradbury noun list technique:

Our nouns. Choose at least five nouns from the following list and integrate them into your new piece: The balloon. The squirrel. The river. The clown car. The thunderstorm. The Peking duck. The airplane. The mouse. The red rose. The French pastry. The wedding. The tombstone. The camper van. The bee. The caltrops.

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