Friends Moving On

Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).


Meena and me

My best friend at primary school was a Dutch girl called Meena. I used to go to her house after school and her mother would give us pancakes with honey and then my father would pick me up after a while when it was time for my elder siblings to be collected from school. After a few years Meena moved back to Holland with her family. I have no idea where she is now.

In middle school I was best friends with a girl called Hina with super curly hair and a dimpled smile. We always used to be together and in the break we shared chilli chips from the canteen. When we finished our O’ Levels, Hina immigrated to the US with her family. I am still in touch with her but the distance means that I haven’t met her for years and have never seen her kids.

Through college my best friend was Sehar whose father was in the Air Force. We had the same subjects throughout the 4 years in college and we would study together and spur each other on. After we finished college, Sehar got married and I went to University.

By this time I had realized that it doesn’t really make sense to be attached to one person only, because you never know where fate will take the two of us. It’s much better just to be friends with a number of people whose company you like.

Throughout the time I was working I made different friends but I don’t think I could call any of them my best friend. I’m in touch with a lot of them and I cherish the time I spent with them. I don’t think I missed out on anything not having a best friend.

Getting married moved me closer to my elder sister and I could share a lot of things with her. I have the comfort of knowing that she will not judge me and will always want the best for me. In the same way I will always be there for her.

5 thoughts on “Friends Moving On

  1. I know what you mean about sisters. I have five of them and I know they will always love me, no matter what; that’s the best thing about sisters, right? By the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you – I absolutely love the picture of the little boy on your blog. Is that your son? He is so darling!

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