My Son is a Star!

Further to my post earlier today, my son Nadir and I did go to the beach and we didn’t encounter a hailstorm. Instead we met a film crew shooting a commercial and they asked my son to be part of the commercial! We readily agreed and Nadir’s part consisted of running on the beach with another “actor” who was playing his dad. They had to take the shot many times but Nadir didn’t tire at all. In fact when they finished a good 45 minutes later with a big round of applause for Nadir, he didn’t want to leave!

I made a video of Nadir while he was shooting. Here he is in action:


4 thoughts on “My Son is a Star!

    • You never know, he’s not 5 yet and has 2 performances to his name, the first being a play (with dialogues) that he did in his nursery in front of around 40 people.

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