Friday Fictioneers: Extra Flavor

claire-fuller-3Jamal was the only brother of 5 sisters and when he came home on the weekend from his hostel, his mother would serve him a meal fit for a king.

Sara, the youngest of the 5 sisters would help her mother prepare the meat curries, even though she knew she would only get to eat the vegetables (which her brother didn’t like) with bread. One day she had had enough. She mixed two heaped spoons of her mother’s laxative in the curry.

Since then, nobody could understand why Jamal had a stomach upset every time he came home for the weekend.

17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Extra Flavor

  1. Zainab,
    Oh, revenge is so sweet.

    By way of feedback, we usually say “only brother of 6 siblings” or “one brother with five sisters.”

    I do love your tale. It’s a creative take on the prompt and speaks truly of the dangers of playing favorites among one’s offspring.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  2. haha, revenge is sweet … or savoury in this case! By way of critique, I don’t think you need to repeat the “5 sisters” bit – the second time you could just say “the youngest sister” and save some words to spend as you wish!

  3. Zainab, Mom shouldn’t have played favorites, but that’s often the case with the son or sons. The youngest daughter should not have done what she did, but I can understand why she thought the treatment was unfair. I’m afraid the son is going to go through life always expecting to be treated as special. This can be a big handicap. Well written and a good story as usual. 🙂 —Susan

    • Yes the brother is going to be one selfish spoilt brat and I doubt that after all the mother is doing for him will look after her in her old age.

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