Friday Fictioneers: God’s Will

old-wallpaper-mary-shipmanThe 2005 earthquake in Kashmir, Pakistan wiped away hundreds of villages and killed thousands.

Many children were attending school that fateful morning when the earth shook and the walls caved in on them. On the 4th day there was little hope left for any survivors, but miraculously a group of children were rescued unharmed from the debris of their school. When asked by the rescue workers how they had survived, they answered that their teacher had been bringing water for them.

The rescue workers looked at each other. They had pulled out the body of the school teacher on the first day.

17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: God’s Will

    • It was so scary! I was in Islamabad at the time and an apartment building near us collapsed killing over a hundred people. There was no damage to our house but my sister’s family had to move from their apartment because there were cracks in the walls and deemed unsafe.
      I can never forget that morning when the earth shook and I could actually “hear” the tremors, a strange humming sound.
      Some of the devastated areas have still not recovered from this earthquake.

  1. Zainab, That story gave me the shivers. I definitely believe in miracles like that. In January 26, 2001, when the large earthquake hit up in Gujarat, devastating the city of Bhuj, we felt it far down in Maharashtra. I was sitting on a bed on the fourth floor of a hotel and I slid back and forth. A small tree outside shook. I read that it lasted over 2 minutes and was a 7.7 earthquake. They’re just horrible. I come from a part of the U.S. where there are no earthquakes, so that was my first experience of one. —Susan

    • Hi Susan, I come from Islamabad which is near an earthquake belt so we often feel tremors. Sometimes they are felt across the whole country. This was the worst one because the epicenter was in Pakistan. I think I can never forget it, it affected millions.
      It must have been scary for you to feel such a strong one the first time round.

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