A Child’s thoughts on Father’s Day

20130221_185244_1Since my husband is in Bahrain this week (our week starts from Sunday) we decided to celebrate Father’s Day on Saturday. I wrote a short poem for my 4 year old son to sing to his Dad for the occasion, but my son had already made his own song which was another version of the “Bumblebee song” he sings in nursery. This is how his song went:

Father’s Day, Father’s Day,

Landing on my street,

Father’s Day, Father’s Day,

Now he’s in Bahrain.

In Saudi, in hotel, in Dubai,

Father’s Day Father’s Day,

He lands and then he goes.

This song is far better than what I wrote and gives some insight into the mind of a child. I knew that the frequent travelling that my husband does and that he has been in Saudi for two years commuting over the weekends to Dubai must be having his toll on our young son but this is the first time he actually expressed it.

Children cannot understand that their fathers are working hard for them, they need their physical presence. They need to engage with them. My son was playing football with his dad on the weekend and he was so happy with the time he got with his dad that he kept telling him in between goals that he loves him.

For my husband it is so hard to be travelling all the time and when he comes home tired, to have to make an effort to engage with his son who has been eagerly waiting for him. More often than not they just end up “wrestling” on the sofa because my husband is mentally too tired to have a conversation with him and physically too tired to run around with him.

We are in transition of moving to Bahrain and now after 2 years of commuting we will be together like a normal family. My son will see his Dad every day and it will be normal for him to have him around. For now, my husband has already joined his new job in Bahrain and we are waiting for visas. Hopefully everything will work out and we will settle down soon. Till then the situation will remain:

He lands and then he goes.

10 thoughts on “A Child’s thoughts on Father’s Day

  1. This is a familiar situation. I grew up with my mom in India while dad worked in the Middle East, and for a good many years I always thought of him as the nice man who brought presents for me and took Mamma’s attention away over holidays. And then he would be gone just as soon as he came. It’s weird to think of now, but that affected our relationship more than I could imagine. I knew he was my dad but I never really thought of him as such till we moved to the middle east when I was nine..I took me till I was eleven to start bonding properly, and then all to soon at age 15 we went back to India for high school..It’s been an odd relationship, and I’m not sure my mom ever understood that…if she did, she never said anything to me about it It’s nice to see that you have grasped that so well.

    • It’s always tough decision to make to split a family to improve the financial position. My husband had another option in which he would again have to commute, but I put my foot down. I have a good feeling that things will work out well.
      Children are very sensitive and sometimes we tend to overlook how well they can understand the situation thinking that they are too small yet. It must have been tough for you and reading your story makes me realize even more how important it is for both parents to be present for their children. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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