The Antique Mirror

P1000702My maternal grandfather was posted in Alexandria as a Medical Director in WHO in the 60’s. My grandmother was an avid collector of all things that look beautiful when decorated in the house. Whenever there was an auction, which usually happened when someone was moving away or there was a death, she would go and visit and pick up a few pieces. While she was in Alexandria she picked up an antique mirror. This mirror travelled with her over many other postings until finally when my grandfather retired and settled in Lahore, Pakistan it found a permanent home. My grandmother proudly displayed all the furniture and decorations she had collected over the years and her home held the admiration of the whole family and visitors alike.

But nothing is permanent. When my grandparents died in the late 80’s, after some years the house was sold and the belongings were divided among the three children. My mother especially asked for the mirror even though she knew that she did not have space to put it up in her house. She had planned to give it to her elder daughter for her home. And so the mirror travelled from Lahore to Islamabad.

My sister put up the mirror in her house but her husband was transferred to Lahore and so the mirror made another trip to Lahore where it had spent many cared for years.

When my sister moved to Dubai 4 years ago she took it to her but she found that she had little space for it in her apartment and so she gave it to me.

And I have displayed it proudly for the last 4 years in my dining room. In the next few months this mirror will travel with us to Bahrain for it’s next adventure.


12 thoughts on “The Antique Mirror

    • Thank you Aisha! I remember my grandmother’s house was so beautiful and we as children took special care not to break anything. Not only did she recognize beauty where she saw it, she was incredibly warm-hearted and one of the most interesting people I got to know. I’m so proud to have one of the things she so lovingly collected over the years.

  1. that is some story to go with this special mirror – and rare pieces like this are truly treasures – and you wrote about it so smoothly – (and by the way – the black chairs look comfy and chic!)

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