A Proud Mom

Isn’t it just fantastic when children do well and you can witness that as parents?

My son had his school concert today. He’s only 4 1/2 and is just finishing nursery. He’s been practising the songs for the concert for many weeks and I knew he would do well because he had sung many of them for me perfectly with actions.

Little did I know that my little baby was in fact the star of the show (along with a girl of his class). Not only was he performing songs with the other children, he was also delivering individual lines throughout the performance. There were about 40 people watching the show and he did not flinch for a second.

I was sitting in the front row and was almost falling out of my little chair with happiness. I always knew that he could perform very well because he’s always doing his own “shows” at home but I didn’t know he could memorize actual lines and deliver in front of an audience. I was also a bit worried that he might be tempted to change the words of the songs. But he didn’t let anyone down.

This is what motherhood is all about. To see your children grow and reach their highest potentials. I actually felt nervous as if it was my own performance. (And Lord knows I can’t perform in front of an audience.) I can now understand why my father used to call up our relatives and tell them that one of us or the other had stood first in his/her class. I did exactly the same. As soon as I came home I called up my mother and my mother-in-law to tell them of their grandson’s achievement. This feeling cannot even match what I felt at my own achievements.

Yes, this is what motherhood is all about.




11 thoughts on “A Proud Mom

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  3. Aw, this is such a lovely post! From one mom to another, I know exactly what you mean. My three children are all grown now, but I remember well what it was like when they were your son’s age, and believe me, it never gets old! My post on this same subject was about my youngest daughter, who just graduated from college. By the way, your son is absolutely adorable!

    • Thank you so much! Congratulations on your youngest graduating! You must be so proud. It is so great to be a mother, I wish I had a whole brood not just the one.

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