My childhood years

If you could zoom through space (and time) in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

I open my eyes and I’m standing outside a very familiar gate which opens up into a long driveway. As I walk towards the house I see a beautiful garden on my left with a bed of purple orchids and a row of guava trees. I used to ride my cycle here, up and down the driveway, then around the tiled porch through the garden and round again. The driveway extended all the way to the garage at the back which was next to another smaller garden and porch. As if this space was not enough I would make my mother stand at the gate while I cycled up and down the street. Oh what fun it was to feel the wind in my face as I peddled with all my might.

This was the time when it was safe for children to play in the street. When my mother and I would go for walks to the Japanese park nearby and there were just a few cars on the road. When there were no suicide bombers and no senseless killings. At least we didn’t have so many channels to hear the breaking news all the time. News would be broadcast only at 9pm.

There were no mobile phones, no cable TV and no iPads, yet we never got bored. We were friends with all the children in the neighborhood and nobody cared which religion anyone belonged to. We studied in a convent because it was the best primary school around.

I am now thousands of miles away from this place where I spent my childhood. So much has changed over the years. I wish I could go back to this time and space and experience the carefree abandon again.


5 thoughts on “My childhood years

  1. When people cherished human interaction as a way to grow into becoming better people. Now, we don’t even have to be in the same room to “communicate”. Technology is a gift and a curse.

    • Yes you’re right. I haven’t given my 4 year old an iPad and I tell him my phone is for talking not for games. I want him to learn social behavior before he learns technology.

      • That’s a very solid parental move. It’s too bad that majority of parents want to “distract” their kids with games on an iPad or cell phone.

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