Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

On my recent trip to Islamabad, Pakistan after an absence of nearly 4 years, I noticed a lot of police presence in public areas. It did in fact make me a bit nervous and it’s no wonder. In the one week I was there a bomb exploded in a fruit market killing more than 20 people.

Not only that but I also noticed that the people seem to be more “Islamized”. Here I captured a police van in a public park. The gentlemen in the foreground seem to be perfectly at ease so I’m assuming they were just there to enjoy the weather.P1010804_1

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

    • Hi Tina, unfortunately it has become something that is inevitable and we go about our business knowing that anything could happen. “Suicide bombers” have become common words that even children know about. It’s a terrible situation and that’s why we decided to move out to have a better life for our son.

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  3. Oh. It must have been scary moments there for you. We keep hearing often about blasts in various Pakistani cities and death of people, which is so unfortunate. Hope peace prevails in this part of the world which has beautiful mountains along the AF border.

    • No actually we are used to it now. We go about our business as normal, because what else can we do? We can’t hide in our houses forever.
      I may be pessimistic but I can’t see the situation getting better. But thank you for your kind thoughts.

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