Things I have done exactly once in my life

  1. Had a baby. Would love to have another one.DSCN3726

  2. Tried to ice skate thinking it would not be too different from roller skating. Dead wrong. Never tried again.
  3. Gone on a vegetarian diet. Too depressing. Thankfully never had to do it again.
  4. Ridden an elephant in Thailand. Would definitely do it again.Khao Sok - Elephant trek start (2003.10.25)
  5. Missed a train. Am normally too punctual and organized to do that, but have managed it once from Paris to Lannion.
  6. Got married. Too much hassle doing this again. Will stick to the one I got.
  7. Gone on a coast to coast trip to the US. I don’t know how I did this, my husband and I didn’t have much money back then, just the will to explore.
  8. Stood in the Colosseum in Rome and thought about the movie “Gladiator”.P1000352
  9. Watched snow fall. We don’t get snow in the city where I’ve spent most of my life but I’ve seen my one and only snowfall in the mountains of Pakistan.
  10. Watched a football match live. This was in France and there was this match going on where I was staying. My country is mad about cricket so I doubt if I’ll ever watch a football match again.

16 thoughts on “Things I have done exactly once in my life

  1. Love your approach to marriage, Gave me a smile and a bit of a chuckle 🙂 should try Ice skating again though! it’s an experience that once you get it? you won’t forget 🙂

    • Yes you’re right. I just have to make the effort. Learnt roller skating as a child. We didn’t have any ice skating at that time. (No snow, no ice). We have one here in Dubai and when I look at all the kids whizzing by, I just chicken out.

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  5. It is obvious that you don’t wish to repeat some of these things – but I hope that some day you might get a chance to witness at least a few of them one more time.

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