Weekly writing Challenge: New (kids) on the block

On my walks around my block I usually encounter the same people, a nanny with a baby in a stroller, another nanny with a baby in the stroller and a dog on a leash, an elderly couple strolling and talking, a few young women obviously trying to lose weight as they zip past the others, and a family on bicycles ringing their bells.

However lately I’ve been noticing a new addition to my evening walks. There are two men dressed in white shalwar kameez (long shirt and baggy trousers) and a cap on their heads walking around the walking path holding hands. Yes, holding hands.

Now one of them seems to be older than the other but still not old enough to need assistance to walk and even if he did couldn’t he just use a stick? Their speed is quite fast so it doesn’t seem reasonable to think that the older one is sick. When I cross them I have to get out of the way because, well, two grown men holding hands take up more space.

After their walk (and while mine isn’t done) the two men seat themselves on one of the benches near the walking path and proceed to observe the others (myself included) walking around. They sit like you would sit on a “charpai” (a traditional woven bed) with their feet up on the bench and their hands resting on their knees.

So how did these two gentlemen get inside a gated community? Are they new residents here? How is that possible when the area I live in is only for families? And why on earth are they holding hands? Instead of going home with a clear mind after my walk, these are the questions spinning in my head. Sometimes I think, I really need to mind my own business.

Photo by Zainab Javid

Photo by Zainab Javid


8 thoughts on “Weekly writing Challenge: New (kids) on the block

  1. Oh, I love this! Somehow these two men remind me of an old woman I saw once while walking my dog. She was sitting on a fallen log along a woodsy path where all the dog-walkers go, and she had her neck in a brace. I wanted to ask her what happened, but I was too shy. We just shared pleasantries, then I never saw her again.

    Great interpretation of the “blog your block” theme!

    • Thank you so much Lorianne for the inspiration. I have been struggling to find something to write on for a few days and your post really helped me. It’s so true that what has become a routine for oneself is still interesting to read for others.

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  4. like this…can’t help not to comment 🙂 Those are the times that we cannot just look away, it’s okay to look and wander (only up to this point), after all we are living in a community.

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