A 4yr old and a Geisha


My son’s Kuku

Why are children so complicated? I know adults are too, but for children their complexity to mass ratio is really huge.

My son used to be scared of this character he saw on TV. It was a children’s program and there was a Japanese lady in a black kimono and white makeup (possibly a geisha) singing a song which went something like “Kukuku…”. So he named her Kuku and would cry every time he caught a glimpse of her. We made sure that we would change the channel when that program came on but it was too late. Fear of the kuku was established.

Fast forward a year or two when he started developing a vivid imagination, he would also see the kuku everywhere and tell us to make her go away. He would be quite upset and this would happen during the day as well not just at night.

Some months ago we got a magazine and on the cover was a Geisha with the usual white makeup. At first my son got frightened when he saw her, but recently the tide has changed.

He now loves the kuku and calls her his wife. I think it is because he is obsessed with scary monsters these days so he wants his “wife” to be scary too. It’s so cute when he talks about his wife! The other day I was trying to stop him from doing something and he started showing me the magazine, “My wife will scare you!” I couldn’t help but chuckle at how serious he was.

I heard my husband agree with him. “Yes, wives are scary, you’re quite right!”

I also wonder what kind of a relationship I’ll have with my daughter-in-law if indeed he meets a real kuku and marries her.


4 thoughts on “A 4yr old and a Geisha

  1. Children’s ability to adapt is absolutely increase, they have the ability to soothe their own worst fears and seemingly without knowing it. :O

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