Cinderella and the Designer Shoes

A 100 word story written for the Weekly Writing Challenge…

IMG-20130507-WA0000Mrs. Hussain’s favorite activity, even more than telling stories about her wonderful international trips to the ladies at the coffee parties, was shopping for designer shoes. Every few weeks, she would go out and spend her husband’s hard earned money on a new pair of expensive designer shoes. With great pride she would carefully place them in her cupboard ready to be worn on the next coffee party.

What Mrs. Hussain didn’t know was that in her absence, her maid who had the same shoe size as her, would wear the new shoes as she dusted and cleaned the house.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash fiction

13 thoughts on “Cinderella and the Designer Shoes

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      • Ahh an equally divine fashion house!! Dior makes me hold my breath when I go into their stores because the beauty of their products is just intense!! Beautiful photograph. 😉

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