Embracing Change

And so we are at the end of one journey and about to begin a new one. My son asks me everyday “Mama, are we going to Bahrain today?”

“Not today, but soon” is the answer he gets.

Change is always good. We’ve had a wonderful 4 years in Dubai and there are so many beautiful memories that we have made here. We had just landed in Dubai and not even moved into our own home when I noticed that my son had grown his first tooth. He celebrated his first birthday here and for the first time we had so much space to be able to call family and friends for the celebration. I’ll never forget the first little unsteady steps he took towards me as I held out my arms to catch him. He started nursery here and he progressed from being shy and awkward with others to a confident and talkative little boy.

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We took our first vacations as a family of three, to Al Ain a place 2 ½ hours away by car where we stayed for two days in a hotel just to visit their famous zoo. We also made our first international trip together to Maldives where we got to watch dolphins in their natural habitat.

Nearly two years back my husband was posted to another country and he used to commute over the weekends. Life became very unsettled for all of us but we have stuck it out.

It’s now time to move on. This change is especially good because the three of us will be together and there will no longer be a commute for work. I’m especially excited because I’ll get a chance to set up my house all over again, something I love doing. My son will start in the big school after the summer holidays and my husband will start a new dream job.

We can never say for sure what’s going to happen in the future, I always feel humbled under the shade of God’s Grace, but I sense that there are good things to come.

8 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. We’re planning to move too! I’m getting a little nervous to move so far from the place I’ve called home for the last 7 years. It will be a big change for us moving from the city to a very rural area. I’m looking forward to setting up a new home and getting organized again. This post is very close to my heart. I’m embracing the change too (when I’m not feeling nervous at least 😉 )

    • Oh that’s amazing! We’ll follow each other’s move. Change is always good, for the adults as well as for children. I’m sure they’ll love it. Children are so adaptable they always welcome new things. I hope you get settled soon. Don’t be nervous, it will work out great, I’m sure.

  2. I hope for you and your family a very successful move and change, Zainab! How wonderful, that slideshow is adorable, marking the milestones in your son’s progress, masha’Allah! Thanks for the link to this post, I missed it earlier! ;^)

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