In-flight Entertainment

My 4 year old son and I were in our home city of Islamabad last week. On the way back, Nadir walked into the airplane with me and as the air hostess greeted us, he asked for popcorn. He figured since there were going to show movies, there ought to be popcorn as well. The next time the air hostess asked us if we wanted something he stressed, “I’m hungry, can I have popcorn?” So she brought him some crisps to eat instead because, well, it’s an airplane and not a cinema. 20140411_084802

I remember when I was a child I used to travel a 4 hour journey with my mother and elder siblings in a train from Islamabad to Lahore. My mother used to bring snacks for us and my sister and I would play some games that we had packed in our hand carry to keep ourselves entertained. We knew all the train stops in the right order and could anticipate how much of our journey was left.

Times have really changed since then and Nadir got a train ride when we changed terminals at the airport. Thankfully he didn’t make any demands on the train!


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