My Beautiful Islamabad

I was in Islamabad last week and got an opportunity to photograph my beautiful home city in full glory. With the rains keeping the weather cool and the flowers blooming it was an ideal time to visit even despite the hay fever I always end up with in this season. So I popped an antihistamine and with my ever faithful Lumix I took the photos that I never took while I lived there.

This is Faisal Mosque, the largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia. With its backdrop against the Margalla Hills and its white structure designed to resemble a Bedouin tent, it makes an impressive sight even from very far.

My favorite place to visit is the Monal restaurant up in the hills where you can get a view of the flat and spread out city while enjoying delicious tikka boti and puri paratha.

Another beautiful spot is the Lake View Park next to Rawal Lake with its rolling green grass and ample entertainment opportunities for children of all ages.

For my visit to the Pakistan Monument see my post here:


15 thoughts on “My Beautiful Islamabad

    • I took my city for granted and didn’t take many photographs when I was there. On this trip I just wanted to photograph everything. I was literally stopping on the road and taking pictures. (Not an entirely safe thing to do but nothing happened so I guess it was ok.)

  1. My birthplace and the place of many adventures in the mountains along sector E9! The beautiful PAF Officer’s Mess still sometimes features in my dreams. F-10 Markaz and Jinnah Super Market were our favorite hangout spots where some old shopkeepers still recognize us and greet us like long-lost family. Looking at all these photos have made me so nostalgic and remind me that I have not been to Islamabad in such a long time (10 days) 😀

    • 10 days huh? Imagine living all your life in Islamabad, leaving and not coming back till nearly 4 years! E9 is a beautiful sector because it’s next to the hills. My second home has everything but they can’t make mountains here at least not yet. I really missed the hills and my favorite outing was in Monal. Thanks Raiha for your comment, I loved reading it!

      • I live in Rawalpindi so we go to Isloo frequently, though that’s not the same as actually living there! We go to this place further up then Monal. KPK province starts there after Pir Sohawa. There’s a freshwater stream there and a quaint little restaurant. I can’t imagine not going to Islamabad for 4 years, poor you! But I’m sure the city would have looked even more beautiful to you after such a long time 🙂

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