Friday Fictioneers: Great Expectations

dee-2The village was celebrating the return of their prodigy from abroad where he had spent the last 10 years finishing his medical training.

As Haris, now known as Harry, stepped off the bus, he was not alone. He had brought with him Andrea, his English wife to meet the family. His fiancé felt her heart sink as she watched the two make their way to the decorated village square.

Harry quickly put an end to any expectations the village or his family had of him. He had not come to open a hospital or to get married. This could never be his home now.

This 100 word story was written for the Friday Ficioneers. For details see the link below:

25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Great Expectations

  1. Ah, I knew this story reminded me of something, and it turns out it reminded me of an FF you wrote previously. (It was the one about a boy who studied to become a doctor while really training to be an actor, and that was the vocation he chose). I feel for Harry here…to come home with a person your family/village don’t approve of is not easy. I’m sure disappointment was felt by many on both sides…

    • Yes it was terribly uncomfortable for everyone involved and particularly heartbreaking for the girl his parent’s had got him engaged to. Wouldn’t it have been lovely if he had returned with plans to build a hospital in his village?

    • Yes it happens a lot. The parents arrange a match in the village but when the boy goes abroad he finds someone else to marry. Meanwhile the poor girl in the village has been waiting faithfully for him to return.
      Thanks Janet for the read.

    • I suspect Harry will go back after a few awkward and uncomfortable days and not return in a hurry. I think the next time he comes it will be for his father’s funeral.

    • Yes probably the most awkward for the father because he has to answer to the parents of his son’s fiance and the village elders who were expecting some investment in their village.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. Dear Zainab,

    You’ve packed an entire novel into a hundred words. Impressive and enjoyable. Good for the young doctor for forging his own path. At the same time you’ve made me care about his fiance. Nice. .



    • Thank you, Dawn! I was travelling and haven’t been really into it but how nice that I was actually missed! 🙂 Yes his fiance had a rough deal but hopefully now she can marry someone who actually cares for her.

  3. I was confused for a second when you said wife then fiancée, but then I got it. As Rochelle says, you manage to make us root for Harry whilst also feeling for the fiancé. Personally, I thought the last line laid it on a bit thick – make Harry seems a bit mean – whereas ending on the fiancée line would have been stronger. Perhaps you could weave the hospital expectation and his rejection of this as home into the earlier lines. Just a thought.

    • Well I think Harry is a bit mean. In our culture leaving someone in the cold like his fiance and even his father who must be relying on him in his old age is something just not done.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to analyse and comment, I really appreciate it.

  4. Then, the villagers hearts sunk realizing he would not be there doctor. Poor town folk! Good story, sad message. The hopes and dreams of the village should not be forced on Harry now just because he left and became a doctor. Although, he and his English wife, would probably of had a wonderful life there. Great food for thought! Thanks, Nan 🙂

  5. Good story and realistic. Actually, Harry should have written that he was engaged, then married abroad and his fiance in the village could have gone on with her life sooner. He waited too long and made matters worse. It looks as if he didn’t have the nerve to let his family and the rest know his plans.Possibly his father was paying for his education and the money would have stopped. I doubt his new wife would have had an enjoyable life in that village. There was too much resentment. Well done.

    • I suspect that Harry and his wife only came back because his wife wanted to know more about his culture and family. She might even have had good intentions but she could never assimilate in the village life. I also feel for his father who was looking to his son in his old age. Doesn’t this happen so many times in real life?
      Thank you so much for absorbing my story.

  6. Oh,oh!A difficult situation for both parties to be in though I admire Harry for having the courage and integrity to come back and make his intentions clear to all.A great story Zainab:-)

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