Giggles and some learning

When I was in my O’Levels, the private school I was studying in didn’t give us any choice in the subjects we could take. So we all had the same main subjects i.e. Science subjects, Maths and two languages. My strongest subjects were Maths and English and my weakest were Physics and Urdu.

Our Physics teacher thought he was another Don Johnson, only more of a stud because he had a moustache too. All of us girls used to laugh at his white shoes and how he would put one hand in his pocket while trying to teach us the laws of motion. None of us paid any attention because we were too busy laughing and couldn’t make any sense of what he was saying. He used to mumble (I think his big moustaches used to get in the way of his talking coherently) and I’m sure even HE couldn’t make any sense of it himself. He would solve questions on the board which I think we were supposed to memorize not understand.

Then there was our Urdu teacher. He was an elderly gentleman with a white beard and he would tell us “NO LOAFING” (instead of “No laughing”) which would just make us giggle louder. (We were a real bunch of giggling girls). He used to give us notes and notes about the different styles of writing of poets and authors. This we actually memorized.

When I appeared in my exams I thought I had done Physics much better than expected. As for my Urdu exam I was sure I had flunked. All the other subjects I did as well as I could have.

When the results came I had got a B in Physics, an A in Urdu (the examiner must have been drunk) and As in all the rest of the main subjects.

My Principal told me that she would have liked to see all As in my result. As for me, I was just thrilled.

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17 thoughts on “Giggles and some learning

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  6. I remember handing in an assignment I thought was amazing and when I got it back I was so devastated by the mark. I just didn’t understand what had happened until I read the comments and I realised the marker hadn’t understood half of what I was saying – there was even a remark which said ‘you insult the reader when you discuss things that they do not understand’. My friends made me take it to the department head for re-marking which greatly improved the result. I am still so confused how the marker – supposedly one of the tutors at uni didn’t know some of the literary references – it was a Humanities degree after all.

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