Hanging Sleepers

I’m the kind of sleeper who even manages to sleep when hanging from one edge of the bed because her 4-year old decided to claim the bed in the middle of the night.

These days I’m sleeping late because I’m working on some freelance writing and I have a project to complete. Once I’m in bed I drop off to sleep quickly, but I’m a light sleeper generally. Sometimes I’m really tired and I don’t even notice when the little fellow slips into my bed but at other times I wake up when he comes. It’s a very funny sight to watch since he’s half asleep and literally drops into my bed.

I know I should actually be putting him back in his bed when he does that but instead I just kiss him and go back to sleep. It’s amazing how little space I need to sleep and how much the little rascal needs. The best position to sleep in when you’re confined in space is on your back with your arms folded behind your head. That is a strange position to sleep in but I’ve got to optimize my space.


I usually wake up before the alarm rings on school days and at the same time on weekends as well. My son has the same sleeping and waking routine on school days and holidays. I remember the time when before I was married I used to get up late on holidays. I remember, but just barely.

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