Friday Fictioneers: Violation

old-building-staircase“I don’t have any change. I’ll get it from the shops downstairs.”

The man took the 1000 rupee note and looked around the apartment, his eyes settling on Shanti playing with her dolls.

“Shanti go with him.”

As the two entered the elevator, the man pressed 15, the topmost floor in the building. Shanti sensed something was wrong and she was just about to say something when the man placed his hand over her mouth. The next few minutes of terror shattered her life forever.

When Shanti came back trembling and bruised, her mother knew she had made the biggest mistake of her life.

This story has been written for the Friday Fictioneers and is based on a news item I read recently. For more details about the challenge see the link below.

66 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Violation

  1. A terrible nightmare of a story, leaving many unanswered questions about the man and the money. I see some of the answers from the comments. Would have been nice to get some more into the story itself – perhaps by weighing a bit less detail into the first section. Having said that, that’s the section where the writing is strongest.

  2. If I’m allowed to say so … the obedience of women, ingrained into us for thousands of years … too few outgrew it or were able to rise above it, or educate themselves out of it. Terrible. Good that you wrote, it raises awareness and will make more mothers and hopefully fathers more careful who they send their children out to, or who they invite inside for that matter.

      • Have myself seen it. We live in terrible times, but then, when has it been different for women and young children, girls and boys alike? Were there ever a time that women and children were safe?

  3. How terrible. Your writing is lovely, though. You have a knack for creating instantly sympathetic characters.

  4. Hey Znjavid,

    I know the inspiration behind this story. We here such story so often in India, don’t we? Saddening.

    You captured the horror in an apt way.

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