Linger a little

My husband and I go out for lunch and a movie every weekend. We always go in the afternoon because I don’t like leaving my son in the evening or at night. I really enjoy this time we have as a couple. The rest of the week my life is focused on my son and my schedule revolves around him.

Sometimes, at the end of the movie, when it’s time to go home I wish I could linger a little longer. Maybe just do a little window shopping. Or have some coffee. But then my guilt takes over and I’m rushing to go home. Even though I know my husband and I deserve to have some time together I still feel bad when I leave my son at home. The poor fellow never makes a fuss about it; he just wants to know if the movie we watched had any monsters in it. Sometimes if I’m feeling especially guilty and I want to reward him for something I buy him a toy before we leave for home.

Every parent knows that caring for a child is no easy task. So when you sometimes get “time off” you just want it to last a bit longer. For me, coming back home after the movie is like coming back to reality.

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22 thoughts on “Linger a little

  1. Love the juxtaposition of movie and reality. Your writing always flows so beautifully and effortlessly. Great about your son’s bright imagination wondering if monsters are in the movie. Even as an adult I still love monsters!

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  10. How lovely that you have managed to find a way to squeeze in some couple time amidst the demands of parenting :).

  11. It sounds like you and you husband have a standing date together. That’s hard to do, but so good for your relationship. Also, your son is a very lucky little boy to have a Mom who cares so much.

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