Family Traditions

When I was growing up we had a tradition that for dinner we would all sit together and discuss what had transpired the whole day. At lunch time this wasn’t possible because everyone had different timings but we made sure we got together at night. Thanks to this I think I am very close to my siblings and we are never out of touch even though we have our own lives now.

On the festival of Eid my mom would prepare a special meal and the whole family got together at our place. This continued even after my sister and I got married and moved into our own homes. We would congregate at my mother’s place just after the Eid prayers. Later when I moved to Dubai I started having this Eid get together at my place since my husband is the oldest of his siblings and its part of tradition that the oldest hosts on this occasion.

My husband and I have made a tradition of having a movie date every weekend. He has been working out of the country during the week and we take pleasure in having a meal followed by a movie during the weekend. This is the time that we have reserved for each other (without the kiddo) every week. Once you have children sometimes you have to make an extra effort to find time for the couple. But I think we both realize how important it is.

With my son we have a routine of driving him to the park every Friday morning (here the weekend is Friday/Saturday). He plays for some time in the playground then we have a picnic with some of the snacks we have brought for him. Then he runs around a little more and then we go home. This is our family time.

I think it’s important to have routines because then you make sure you’re not missing out on anything. It’s good to have some sort of order in your life as it gives you a sense of security and makes sure that the important things get done.

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15 thoughts on “Family Traditions

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  8. I loved the pictures. Our family does holidays together, and we do have the (grown-up) kids sit down for dinner when we’re all together. I know some of it must have stuck with them, even though they only came to me as teenagers. Now without even being asked they start to clear the table for dinner. It is such an important part of family life – for the girls it was the stability they needed. My husband and I have been wanting to have a regular date night for awhile now. We don’t have much time together for just the two of us. This post has me thinking we should make some time…

    • Yes you’re right you should definitely take out time to spend together with your husband. Is there someone who can watch over Stephen? Was just checking out your blog to see how you and Stephen are doing.

      • Thanks for checking in on us 🙂 It’s difficult to have someone watch Stephen because he does best if someone comes to our house instead of him going to a babysitter’s house. He tends to get into everything and he still needs childproofing like a younger child. He’s completely non-verbal and he doesn’t use much conventional communication. He doesn’t get upset about having a family member babysit him but it seems like a lot to ask even of family. It’s getting better since he started eating solid food back in June, and now he’s potty training. Hopefully we can start having a regular date night soon!

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