Don’t make me do the cooking!

When I started working, I was sent for training to France for 3 months. I went with a group of colleagues and each of us was given a studio apartment.

My mother tried to teach me a few simple recipes and made me write them down. However luckily I never had to try them out as one person in our group was an expert cook. We used to eat together and since everyone had to contribute I always volunteered to do the dishes. Thus I was spared having to cook anything.

When I got married I used to live with my mother-in-law who would do the cooking which was just great for me. I was also working full time and this gave me an excuse not to spend too much time in the kitchen. Of course there was an occasional dish that I knew how to make which my husband liked so I would venture in the kitchen for that.

Later when we moved into our own house my mother-in-law (Bless her) arranged for a lady to come in and do the basic cooking for us. She was a real expert but I never managed to learn anything from her.

When I left my job I no longer had an excuse not to do the cooking. And so reluctantly I had to. For some reason I have never liked the fact that you put in so much effort into something which will just be eaten. Another reason may be that I am not very good at it and I generally don’t like doing something I am not good at.

What is interesting is that I like watching cooking shows. I love the way those expert chefs are given some ordinary ingredients and they put together an exciting dish and that too in a limited time. If I was so good at cooking I would definitely love it too.

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35 thoughts on “Don’t make me do the cooking!

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  2. I’m so with you on why the preparation and time spent cooking, when it’ll be scarfed down within minutes, but I guess I do enjoy making something new and the Cheers 🙂

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  7. So you would rather clean the bathroom than do the cooking 😀 But I know what you mean. Cooking is not my thing either but that’s just something I have to do. Especially when mum is not around anymore.I used to help her in the kitchen so that way I learned to cook.At least easy things.

  8. I used to enjoy cooking. But now? After more than 40 years churning out meals mostly for people who are just going to gulp it down and run off to do something else? I could do without cooking. Forever! Actually … ALL housework. I have served my time.

  9. I feel the same as you with putting the effort in, only for it to be eaten and gone within minutes. Cooking has grown on me and I enjoy doing now. I love to experiment, but I only throw together those extensive preparation meals every once in a while.

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  11. Haha I feel the same. occasionally I get in the “chef-mode” which makes my Ammi the happiest woman on the earth and I promise myself that I’ll be a good daughter and take the duty bit it never happens 😛

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  13. I cook but actually don’t like it. So it is just basic meat and 3 veggie for my husband. For me I just cook the meat and add salad to it. I can’t see the point in slaving in the kitchen for hours for food which would be gone in minutes. I have better things to do. 😀

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  16. Or vice versa, if you were good at it you might love it. I Am not good at cooking, I just do it so we won’t starve. I love to look at recipe books and watch cooking shows, but am rarely inspired to make any of the recipes. I just think, wow I wish “someone” would make that at our house. My husband on the other hand is a great cook. It saves us all.

    • You are so lucky that your husband cooks, mine couldn’t boil an egg. But at least he eats everything I dish out without complaining and doesn’t mind take away.

  17. I love cooking. Perhaps because my mom always made my brother’s and I cook with her. We all cook. Maybe it reminds me more about being together, than food. Keep trying 🙂 Find one recipe your really good at and maybe you will like it more and more.

    • That’s great that your brothers know too. In my culture the boys are never taught how to cook because they know their wives will do it for them.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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