Once a coffee morning…

“Hello my darlings, how have you been?” Mrs Ahmed sailed into the room in her voluminous kurta and black tights. After the usual greetings (two kisses on both sides) she settled down on the leather sofa with Mrs Amir and Mrs Haris.

“The holidays have been so tiring with so many weddings to attend in Karachi” Mrs Amir said as she adjusted her blow dried hair with a plump hand adorned with diamond rings.

“Yes you’re right. It was the same for me. And now that I’m back every other day there’s a birthday party that Sara gets invited to. So tiresome!” replied Mrs Haris as she fidgeted with her Gucci bag on the sofa.

“Yes, yes but darlings do tell me about this new addition to our group on WhatsApp? What’s her name…” said Mrs Ahmed a little breathlessly as she played with the gigantic diamond stud in her ear.

“Oh, yes her name is Mrs Waqas and she’s come from Islamabad” offered Mrs Amir, “I met her the other day when I was grocery shopping.”

“What’s she like?”

“She was dressed in the most ordinary shalwar kameez and had her two children with her who only spoke in Urdu. And I saw her loading her groceries in a taxi. Apparently she has no driver and no nanny.”

“Oh dear but why did you add her to OUR group?” said Mrs Ahmed wrinkling up her face.

“She lives in my neighborhood and I felt sorry for her. Maybe she can learn something from us” said Mrs Amir hopefully.

Just then the door bell rang. “That must be her!” Mrs Amir got up to see the door.

“She was invited?” whispered Mrs Ahmed to Mrs Haris.

In walked a beautiful young woman dressed in simple traditional clothes that made her look even slimmer than she was. She had little make-up on but she still glowed.

“Hi I’m Maria” she introduced herself.

After the introductions and a few questions and answers were tossed around Mrs Ahmed asked,

“So what does your husband do?”

“He works in Dubai International Bank.”

“Oh really, but my husband works there too. I wonder if my husband knows him.”

“I’m sure he does, he’s the new country manager.”

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