Fateful Friday (Short Story)

The pale thin man with glasses sat on the table near the road reading a newspaper. As I brought him his tea I glanced at the headlines “Bomb kills 40, injures 85”. “Another bomb” I thought, “Another bomb taking lives, ripping families apart.”

I must have lingered there longer than usual because the man put down the paper and looked at me. “What’s your name?” he asked. He had a kind voice.

“Sher Khan” I told him.

“Shouldn’t you be in school?”

“I study in the evening shift and work in the morning” I answered him.

“Good, study hard and do something worthwhile for your country.” I smiled weakly. That’s what my father used to tell me.

I cleaned up the empty tables and waited for more customers. After I finished my work I asked my boss for some money as I wanted to call home. My boss liked to act tough but he was actually a big man with a soft heart.

I remember when I came to him for a job he had only managed to ask one question “Where is your father?” When he had heard my answer he didn’t ask any more questions, instead he told me to come the next day sharp at 8am. I had been working with him ever since.

He gave me the money to call home but told me he was noting it down and would cut it from my pay. In the six months I had been with him he had always paid my salary in full.

I called home and my younger sister picked up the phone. Whenever I would phone she would scream in excitement “It’s Sheru Bhai, it’s Sheru Bhai” and hand the phone to my mother. My mother asked me her usual questions about whether I was eating well and looking after myself. I asked if Bano and Umer Khan were doing well in their studies. Satisfied that all was well, I hung up.

I arrived at my aunt’s house for lunch before going for my classes. She was talking to her youngest daughter and was laughing. She looked so much like my father especially when she laughed.

I remember my father laughing like that when I came first in an English speech contest in school. Some parents used to say it was favoritism because my father was the principal of the school but he knew how hard I had worked. My father used to play a game with me to improve my English. He would look up a difficult word from the dictionary and explain to me the meaning, then ask me to use it in a sentence.

“Sher Khan, have your food, what are you thinking?” My aunt’s voice shook me out of my reverie.

“It’s getting late, it’s Friday today, you have to go for prayers.” Her voice quivered as she said the last word.

I had forgotten it was Friday and this surprised me, because how could I forget the consequences a certain Friday had on my life 5 years ago?

I had fever and a bad cough and my mother had refused to send me with my father for prayers. “Please, Ammi let me go, I’m OK” I insisted. I loved going with my father everywhere especially for prayers. I would hang around with him afterwards when he talked with the others. Lately the talk had become very serious about the worsening law and order situation.

“You can wait for your father here but you can’t go” my mother had told me sternly.

I sat there and waited, but he never came back.


This story has been written for The Speakeasy #146 where the last line had to be “I sat there and waited, but he never came back.” and some reference was to be given to the video clip C is for Contrafibularity.


Lucky Number

“What’s your lucky number going to be?” asked me the girl sitting next to me at the licensing office.

“What do you mean?” I had completed my driving classes and was waiting for my turn to appear in the test.

“I mean how many attempts will it take you to pass?” she answered, “I heard of a man who passed on the 26th attempt.”

“26th??? Is that even possible?” Every time you fail you have to do more driving classes and then reappear in the test. I was sure she was making this up just to rattle me.

Fresh with this bit of information I went in to appear in the test.

The first time I made a mistake backing out the car.

The second time I made a mistake turning left.

The third time I messed up on the roundabout.

The fourth time I bungled up the U turn.

The fifth time I didn’t make any mistake and I passed. I guess my lucky number was 5.

I think it’s quite likely that someone made 26 attempts. I admire his resilience and determination but I hope I never meet him on the road. 🙂

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How to make a felt rose

This is something I enjoy doing in the house. Felt is a wonderful material and you can make lovely things out of it very easily. Here is one of them…

Hair clips decorated with felt flowers

Hair clips decorated with felt flowers

Draw a circle on a piece of felt using a CD

20140125_181305Draw a spiral inside the circle.

20140125_181808Cut out the circle and then cut along the spiral leaving the end open.

20140125_182121Shape the petals by cutting in a V shape at intervals all along one of the edges.

20140125_182259Start rolling the piece from the tail end

20140125_182607Secure the end at the back of the flower using a glue gun. The finished flower will look like this.

20140125_183714Glue the flower to hair clips or head bands for fabulous homemade accessories!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Unexpected pairing. Did someone move the Pyramids of Giza into the city? Are the Pyramids surrounded by trees and street lights? No, not really, they’re still where they’re supposed to be, in the desert. I took this shot from a hotel I was staying in next to the Pyramids. I thought it was interesting because it showed the famous Pyramids in a different light 🙂


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Blurb for my novel

Mary Ann struggles to adjust in her new life working as a house maid far away from her own country and family. She has to contend with the callousness of her employer, the competition from the other maid, the sullen Nurul and the overtures of the handsome driver next door Rahul as she tries to focus on the reason for leaving her son – to earn enough to give him a comfortable life. The little boy Youssef who she takes care of and reminds her of her son becomes her only solace. Will she survive the two years she has signed up for?

I had this idea for a novel some time ago and had started writing but somehow I stopped. Thanks to my friend Silverleaf I have started again and aim to complete it this year.

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Be Nice

Once upon a time long ago before I was married I had gone to the market with my sister and mother for some shopping. We used to live just across the market and all we had to do was to cross the road and there we were. So one day we were on one of our frequent jaunts when I spotted a boy walking barefoot. I went up to him and told him to come with me. I took him to a shoe shop and told him to check his size. The salesman and the boy were both looking at me as if I was mad. After some insistence on my part he tried on the shoes and when he was happy with a pair I paid for them. The boy quickly ran off without saying a word. The salesman then turned to me and said

“It’s no use Miss, he’ll sell the shoes to buy food and tomorrow you’ll see him barefoot again.”

“OK Mr Wise Guy” I thought to myself and didn’t say because I was still in that Be Nice mode.

“Let’s just give him a chance. At least he won’t be barefoot for a day in this cold.”

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I live in a city (Poem)

I live in a city where

There are flowers but no butterflies

Where a mall can boast snow and ice

And rain induced falls from the skies.

I live in a city where

There are people next door I never see

Where family is far but visitors aplenty

And people in malls just let you be.

I live in a city where

Records are broken with a tip of a hat

Highest, tallest, biggest this, largest that

And wrongdoings are dealt with stat.

I live in a city where

You can live all your life and not belong

You go to a hotel, bring your maid along

And laws are equal for weak and strong.

I live in a city where

Designer shoes and bags are the norm

The humblest person can soon transform

And a little bit of rain is called a storm.

I live in a city where

I’ll move on from in a matter of time

This city will evolve to its most sublime

And someone else will write this rhyme.

*All photographs taken by by the author/poet

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Copyright – Björn Rudberg

A story I wrote for Friday Fictioneers which I think is very relevant to the topic:

Shahzad’s house was the only one left standing on the mountain after the earthquake of 2005. People would come to see it from far away villages and he became known as a holy man.

Shahzad decided to take advantage of his new reputation and began to sell a cure for pains and aches in a small bottle which he would fill with spring water. “No harm done” he would say to himself while pocketing more and more money. Many swore they had been healed by his medicine.

The next year the floods took away his house and Shahzad with it.

This story has been written for the Friday Fictioneers. For details see the link below:


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found in Nature

A Bright Future

When we talk about the future we like to follow it by saying “Inshallah” meaning “God willing”.

On the 30th of July I like to think that my husband would have settled in his new job (he is on the lookout now) and we would be living together instead of the weekly commute he does now for working in another country. Hopefully we are still living in Dubai but even if it’s another country what counts is that we’re all together. That continuous stress of not knowing where we’ll be and what will happen will be off our shoulders.

If we’ve moved I would be setting up the house which I love doing. Hopefully we would have managed to bring all the nice things we collected in Dubai and we would probably need a few new things. Shopping time!

My son would have finished his second year of school and he would have started to read three letter words and write all the letters. What fun it would be for him to read simple books on his own. He already knows the sounds of the letters but hasn’t yet put them together into words.

It would be my son’s summer holidays and we would probably spend the summer at home (wherever that would be) since I would have made a trip to my homeland in April and with my husband’s new job it would be difficult to get leave so soon. I’m sure we would have plenty to do. In Dubai even though it is boiling hot and outdoor activities are out of the question, there are still so many options for entertaining the little ones. There are summer camps where they have cooking, art and craft, free play and even mini golf. If we are in another country we would spend our time exploring all the places near us as it would all be new for us.

By that time I would have received some offer on the children’s books I wrote and would be working on that. Hopefully I would be making some money too.

Yes the future is very promising for us.



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