Learning from my 4 year old

My son got a wonderful report from his nursery this last term. They tell me he is very intelligent and does his work with concentration. Now that’s he’s 4 I’ve got a tutor for him to start reading the Quran. And when she comes over to teach him, my son wants to climb on the table or sit under it. I can’t understand why he can’t sit still just for 20 minutes when he can spend 5 hours at school doing his work so well.

I also can’t understand why he must get up at 6 when the alarm is set for 7:15am and then jump on me in my bed. And why must he go to the park and then tell me he wants to do potty. Despite some of his odd habits there is much I can learn from him.

Last year when he had Animal day in his school he put a python around his shoulders and didn’t bat an eyelid. I could learn courage from him.DSCN1605

One day he was pretending to be a wolf and walking on all fours when he took a tumble and hurt his head. Instead of stopping he went and wore his bicycle helmet. I could learn resilience from him.

He always has an answer ready for everything. When I asked him why he wasn’t eating the cheese with his breadsticks, he said because he wasn’t a rat. And he wouldn’t have his carrots because he wasn’t a rabbit. I could learn to be witty like him.

He was singing a song and changing the words and laughing loudly at the result. I could learn from him to laugh more.20130712_074552

If he’s upset with me over something he’ll tell me to go away and when I leave the room he’ll come after me and try to be friends. I could learn from him to forgive easily.

And lastly he tells me about 10 times a day that I’m pretty and kisses me and hugs me. I could learn to be more loving like him.

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