Friday Fictioneers: No Smoking

claire-fuller-2Sami had been smoking since he was 18. When he married at 27, his wife begged him to stop but he wouldn’t listen. Holding his son for the first time he decided he had to quit. So he did. But after a year he was back again.

When his wife was going to have her second baby she reminded her husband how he had quit because of his son. “Do this for your daughter” she said.

Sami has not touched a cigarette since that day. But he does tease his wife about how many children they will have to have.

This story has been written for the Friday Fictioneers. For details see the link below:

52 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: No Smoking

    • Hi Rochelle,
      You’re a lucky lady. This is about my husband. Am still waiting for the 2nd half of the story to come true (Both about the baby and him quitting)

  1. 🙂 i’ve never been attracted to guys who smoke. and yes, babies in the house are a very good reason to quit. the last line made me smile.

  2. I gave up smoking 25 years ago for my husband, who I’d just met. Never regretted it, nor will your husband when and if he finally makes it. A lovely story.

  3. Dear Zainab,
    It’s hard to quit without a really good reason, but luckily children are a really good reason, even if she has to have children for the rest of her life to keep him from smoking. 🙂
    Take care,

  4. I’ve not quite a month of no smoking under my belt right now, so I completely sympathize with this tale!
    I’m not writing this week, but I’d love it if you’d drop by my blog for a second anyway, I posted a big announcement today.

  5. Times have changed since smoking was glamorous and actors and actresses used a cigarette to express their characters. Now looking at those old movies, we know they just stink! I’m glad your character gave up for his family and if he’s using that as emotional blackmail, it’s GOOD emotional blackmail! Ann

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