Envious husbands

My husband thinks I have an amazing life because I get to sleep in the afternoon. That’s only because I get up at 6 and also don’t get a restful sleep at night since my son likes to transfer to my bed and then often he has a cough and wakes me up.

Then the other day I told my husband that after I dropped my son off to school for his first full day I went for shopping followed by lunch. He looked at me incredulously as if I had told him that I had bought a Gucci bag and had lunch with Brad Pitt. He just thinks that I shouldn’t be enjoying myself while he’s slaving away in office.

Not that I don’t know what it’s like working in an office. I started working straight out of University and only quit when my son was born. Working in an office is a piece of cake compared to looking after a baby. Life becomes so difficult, it can really be stressful and any mistake you make can affect the life of an individual. The stakes are much higher. And even though you don’t get paid, it’s still more rewarding being a mother.

Now that my son is going to school and has recently started staying an hour longer why shouldn’t I enjoy the time I get to myself. Don’t I deserve it?

How many of you gentlemen are envious of your stay at home wives?

8 thoughts on “Envious husbands

  1. Completely agree with you. At home with a small kid we are constantly on our toes while in the office we can relax at a coffee break and at lunch. Also there is no putting up with constant tantrums that can get stressful at the end of the day.

  2. Enjoy your time with your little boy. How lovely not to have to work and put him in child care. Your husband gets to go to work and mix in the adult world. I wonder what he would think if he had to stay home and do all your duties for a few weeks? 🙂

    • Exactly. As it is I can’t leave him for half an hour with my son before he starts calling for help. Since I’ve done both an office job and stayed at home with my son I know which is tougher.

  3. It’s tough! I wish I could be home with my baby full-time, but I admit that maternity leave wiped me out. I have SO much more freedom at my ‘day job’ to grab coffee or write blogs (shhh…don’t tell my boss!) or other things. I do hardly *any* writing when I’m at home! I’m amazed with how much you’re able to do as a stay at home mom; I know it’s a non-stop job.

    • Yes it’s toughest with a baby but it gets better as the child grows bigger and when they start school you have the whole morning to yourself. But of course later when the homework and assignments start to come home you’re booked again.

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