Craving Appreciation

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?

I would want my husband reading my blog. There I said it.

What would I want to say to him? It’s not what I want to say to him, if I wanted to say something to him I would say it the next time I met him. It’s what I want HIM to say.

Wouldn’t it be a dream if the next time we went out and we met someone he knew, he would introduce me as follows:

“This is my wife, she quit her job to look after our son and now she’s a brilliant writer!”

What can I say, I crave appreciation. And there’s no use telling him that I want to hear this because then it’s not the same, is it?

He does read what I write occasionally (sometimes I send him the link) and he does tell me it’s good but sorry that’s not good enough. He has to tell me it’s brilliant without my prompting him.

What is that you’re saying? Maybe I’m not brilliant after all? Well yes, that could be it 😦

But aren’t husbands SUPPOSED to say nice things about their wives?

So should I send him THIS link?

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28 thoughts on “Craving Appreciation

  1. Yes, send him the link! 🙂 My husband is smart and actually signed up to be a follower so he gets email updates of every post, and he’ll usually make a mention of most of them. It really does make a huge difference to have that support from your significant other.

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  3. I agree with Sarah…. Sometimes menfolk will need a little ‘pointing in the right direction’ (read clear and specific directions!)…after all they ARE from Mars!


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  6. Well, at least your husband reads what you write sometimes (mine has NEVER read my blog!) At any rate, I think you should send him the link. Sometimes husbands need a little reminding 🙂

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  13. NO! Don’t send him the link. You said it yourself, it wouldn’t be the same.

    Maybe send him the link to some other post and he will find his way to this one? Maybe ask a friend to send it to him, but not yourself. (I mean, unless of course, you want to.)

    Anyway, entertaining post, it was nice to read. I understand the feeling of wanting to be appreciated, even if only a little.

    • Haha, well what happened was that I found out that he is actually following my blog and reading what I write. He made an account and downloaded the app on his phone. Now all that remains is for him to give me proper feedback not just “It was good”. 🙂

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