Weekly Writing Challenge: Three Ways to go Gonzo

I was on a work related trip and staying in a hotel in Giza, Egypt. I had some free time in the evenings and thought I could do with some sightseeing. I went to the reception desk to find out what they had to offer. One of the staff told me about the packages they had and I thanked him and was leaving when he came up behind me.

“Excuse me miss!”  I noticed he was wearing the traditional clothing including a Fez cap. He was a small man with a pleasant face. He looked even smaller in his long robe.

“I can take you up to see the Pyramids at no cost.” “What is this about?” I thought to myself.

“At no cost? How is that?”

“I’m studying to be a tour guide and I have a car” he said giving me a Cheshire cat grin.

It took me a few seconds to absorb this bit of information.

“Does the front desk know you offer tours on the side?”

He took off his cap and scratched his head. Was that supposed to be charming?

“No, no I was just giving you a good offer no need to tell anyone else…”

“You know you could get fired for this?”

“No, no I was just saying I thought you might need some company…”

“What?” So he thinks he’s good company. “I asked for a tour, not an escort.. My husband will be joining me in a few days.” I lied. I could feel myself getting red in the face.

“Ok sorry, sorry” he said and almost ran back to the desk holding his cap.

Now the question was whether I should report him or just let it go. What I had said was true, he could get fired. Maybe I was just overreacting, I’m sure many people would have taken up his offer, otherwise why would he have offered in the first place.

Oh well I’ll just have to pay to see the Pyramids. Serves me right.

I didn’t take up his offer nor did I report him. Got to see the pyramids but got ripped off. I know, serves me right.



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21 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Three Ways to go Gonzo

  1. Zainab, what a terrific story – good for you for being stern with the staffer! You have integrity. Sorry to hear you got ripped off at the pyramids. Had you been there before? What were the highlights? – Theresa

    • No it was my first time. I got to go all around the pyramids on camel back and the guide took some good pics of me. But seeing that I was alone and not in a good position to bargain he really charged me a lot.


  3. I think you made the right decision of not reporting him. He might have a family or a kid somewhere who needs his support. On the lighter note, serves him right! He won’t bully someone like you from now on. P.S. I love the picture. 🙂

    • Yes that’s what I thought too that he would get into trouble if he loses his job. I think it was a bit of a flirtation rather than bullying.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Zainab, I agree with your decision – if you were someone who traveled there regularly, it might make sense to invest more of your time in trying to address the situation. But I love that you took a stand with him verbally. I admire your quick thinking!

        Again, I wanted to mention that the way you told the story was gripping and very engaging. Thank you! – Theresa

  4. Oh I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt! And if I were alone, who knows, I probably would’ve taken the guide up on his offer 😉 But even if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t report it!
    Oh, and btw, you look lovely 🙂

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      • Thanks for sharing, znjavid. I feel bad I left out the ‘be’ in my first post on your blog. Your son really lights up your page, BTW. He is such a beautiful child. I decided to write my Lit. paper in Gonzo style. That is how I found your page. Sorry to ramble. 🙂

      • Thank you Scott! (I didn’t even notice you had left out the ‘be’!)
        Best of luck for your paper and do visit again.

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