Staying up late

Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

So going through the website of Gulf News, the third headline I came across under the tab ‘Popular in UAE’ was about the Dubai Shopping Festival which is going on these days and how the main shopping malls will stay open till 1am instead of the usual 10pm.

I have no idea what people would want to do in the mall at such an unearthly hour. Don’t they have to get up in the morning and drop their kids to school and/or go to office? This concept is completely alien to me since I go to bed early and the latest I stay out which is once in a blue moon is till 10pm. To elaborate further let me tell you what I was doing at midnight on 31st Dec 2013? I was sleeping.

Last weekend since my husband had been here the whole week and was going back the next day we decided to go out. We usually don’t do that as my son goes to sleep at 8pm even on the weekend and then we can’t leave him and go. I have a maid who can watch over him but I don’t think it’s fair to keep her up either. And I wouldn’t want my son to wake up and find me missing. He usually transfers to my bed in the middle of the night.

So as I was saying my husband and I decided to go out last weekend. It had been raining that day and living in a desert we consider it good weather when it rains. We ate our food at home to save time and thought we would just have coffee somewhere. So we went to this place which has great views and asked for coffee. Apparently that was not a standard thing to do as the waiter asked us a couple of times if we wanted food. Well grudgingly he brought us our coffee which really tasted bad. We also ordered dessert and I went for the safe bet of ‘baklawa’ while my husband ordered something which looked like an old woman’s white hair on top of ice cream. I got a chance to take some nice photos and we were back home by 10pm. Even then my husband was complaining that it was late and he had to pack for the next day.


So what in the world do people do in malls till 1am?

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8 thoughts on “Staying up late

    • Yes it’s crazy, the article also said in 2012, Dubai Shopping Festival attracted 4.3 million visitors to the city who spent a total of 14.7 billion dirhams. Wow!!!

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