My Dad, My Hero

When I was growing up my Dad was my hero.

He was so handsome and spoke so well and when he spoke, he charmed everyone and everyone listened. He had a magnetic personality and spoke his mind with conviction and honesty.

My father had a brilliant career in the army. He was in service during two wars. As a Major in one of the wars he was second in command of the regiment that made inroads into enemy territory. In the other he was selected to spearhead the main counter-offensive by Pakistan with a Brigade under command which included tank regiments. I have never known anyone as brave as him.

He had a brilliant mind. He patented a device to be used by the military that earned him a very prestigious military award and a double promotion. Later when he retired he taught Defense and Strategy in a University and was very popular among the students.

My father inspired me to be the best I could be. He always took a keen interest in my studies and was always very proud of all his children and when we did well he would tell every one of our achievements.

I loved working with him in his study. I learnt to type so I could type the two books he had written. I would help him when he would be working with his electronics circuits and I knew where he kept all his stuff. I was always fascinated by his instruments and gadgets.

I think I chose to study Electronics just to please him. I knew he would be very happy. Luckily after I graduated I got a job more of my liking.

When he became ill it was devastating for me. To see such a tough man crippled by cancer hurt us terribly. It has been 13 years since he left us and I miss him terribly. I wrote a few words for him some time back which I’m reposting here:

Did I tell you how much I loved you too?

And how much it hurts when I miss you,

Your kind smile, the twinkle in your eye,

All your efforts to make us touch the sky,

Your warm hugs and your handsome face,

Your good advice we could never replace.

I wonder if you can see us from up there,

Our spouses, kids and how we did fare.

It was too soon for you to have gone away

At eternal peace you are, I hope and pray.

With my father

With my father

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19 thoughts on “My Dad, My Hero

  1. It must have been hard to loose him like that, he is in a better place.
    Thank you for sharing this with us, you are very lucky indeed to have spent such good times and had such relationship with him, not everyone are so lucky.

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