The Outsiders

Our Outside

Our Outside

The weather is so great these days here in Dubai that we spend most of our daytime outside. My son absolutely loves it. He races around the garden, we play dodge the ball and he has his snack outside too.

A few days ago, I got my son a carton and put some sand and shells in it so he could play with it outside. He immediately brought his construction toys and started playing. He wanted to put some sand in the grass but I told him I would have to take away his box if he started being naughty. At once, he went inside, got a marker and wrote his name down on the box as if to say “It’s mine, you can’t take it away!”


I was a bit angry with him for being so defiant but at the same time so proud that my little baby (he’s just turned 4) can already write down his name (even though the N was upside down).

A few days later he also wrote down Mama and Abbu (Dad) without being told how to write it. Isn’t that cute that when he started speaking, his first words were Mama and Abbu and now these are also among the first words he’s writing down.

In a few years he’ll come to me while I’m typing on my laptop and tell me to scoot over. “It’s my turn to update my blog” he’ll say while writing down his day’s anecdotes. Omigosh I’ll be his biggest fan!

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