Friday Fictioneers: The Rock


“That’s the biggest rock I’ve ever seen”, Meena exclaimed looking at the ring on her finger. “Oh Adnan, I love you so much!” and gave her new fiancé a big hug.

They had only known each other a few weeks. Adnan’s family was very skeptical of her since they didn’t know much about her and she didn’t seem to have any family of her own. But Adnan insisted she was the love of his life.

The next day Meena visited a jewelry shop and came out with a bag full of cash. She looked around. It was time to move on.


61 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Rock

    • Part 2 is probably her finding another naive victim and hopefully adnan will find a nice girl to settle down with. He’s not the sort to go after her to take revenge though he does feel for the loss of his grandmother’s ring that he gave her.
      Thanks for reading!

    • There’s a long history behind that. She was jilted once and her would be fiance never turned up to put the ring on her finger. Now she meets nice unassuming chaps with some money and flees after she gets the ring. Besides the ring he gave her was a family ring given to him by his grandmother for his bride.

  1. Zainad, this is a bit of a diversion from your usual… just a little darker. I didn’t see the funny in it, as I imagine how painful it was for Adnan. Well done, in so few words… we see a relationship bloom and fall apart. Nice!

    • I try to explore different genre in my stories, humor, tragedy, love story etc. I find it easier to write a shorter version.
      Yes it was very painful for Adnan but hopefully he will soon settle down with a nice girl.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I love that you didn’t take the obvious path from this photo prompt! Methinks Meena might have done this once or twice before…hope she realizes that what goes around, comes around.

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