Missing Dad

I’ll be roughly following the Zero to Hero assignments. But since I’m not a new blogger (I’ve been blogging for 5 months now) I’ll be adapting some of the assignments to my own requirements. Today we have been asked to write the post that was on our mind when we started the blog. Well, I would like to share with you what has been on my mind recently and I’m taking this opportunity to write it down.

We have a Fri/Sat weekend here in Dubai and this time I took my son to the big park to play. The plan was that he would play a bit then we would have a picnic at his snack time.

I was watching him play in the playground and I noticed that he wasn’t very interested. He was just going past the various swings and slides and it looked like he was searching for something more interesting. He went into another play area and there he found what he was looking for.

A dad was playing with his two daughters. He was chasing them in and around the playground. Both the girls were squealing in delight and thoroughly enjoying themselves. When my son saw this he tried to join them. He wanted the dad to chase after him as well. He was also trying to talk to him. The dad did humor him but of course was giving his own children more attention.

This broke my heart.

I realized that my son, even though he doesn’t say anything really misses his dad not being around. My husband works in another country and commutes on the weekend. Usually he is too tired or is still answering office calls and doesn’t get much time on the weekend to interact with our son. Normally it is left to me to entertain him.

I told my husband what I observed and he said he will make an extra effort to play with him. We are hoping that he changes his job or position soon so that we are together and see him during the week as well.

I don’t want my son having to chase after other kids’ dads.

6 thoughts on “Missing Dad

  1. Kids do miss their parents specially when they are off for many days….They express in their own way and you are a wise mom to understand his gestures ! Hope he make peace with it 🙂 Love xx

  2. This was a really touching post–I’m sure it was as heartbreaking for your husband to hear about the incident as it was for you to witness it. I hope your family can find a better solution soon!

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