Knotty problems

What would a knotty problem be for a 2 year old? Read on..

My son learnt numbers before he understood colors. He was just two. This post is from his point of view.

I love numbers. I can say the numbers from 1 to 10 in the correct order. I know what they look like. I have a Mickey Mouse bag with all the numbers jumbled up and I can point out the correct number when asked. I like playing that game.

What do numbers mean? I don’t know THAT. At least not yet.

There’s something that my Mama keeps trying to tell me and I don’t understand. She points to an orange and says “orange”, that’s fine, but then she points to other things and calls them orange too. I don’t get it. And then “a blue ball” “a blue rattle”. What could be common between a ball and a rattle? They are completely different. A ball is much more fun. Sure, a rattle makes noise but that’s all it can do. You can’t chase after it. So what does blue mean?

And then there’s green grass and a green hose. I can see that there is a connection between the two. A hose is used to water the grass. And then when the hose is lying in the grass you can’t see it. Because they look similar.

They look similar. Wait a minute. Is that what it means? Mama keeps talking about colors. Is that what a color is? The color green. They are both the same color. Is that it? Yes it is. Oh this is great! And that’s what was common between the ball and the rattle. They are both of the color blue. But what’s the deal about the orange. Can it be that what I eat is an orange and the color is orange too? Yes that’s it!

Oh, I love colors! More than numbers.

Friday Fictioneers: The Giant

eiffel-tower-dmmFor all of his life she remembered her son towering over the others.

“Your son is a giant!” people would tell her. As if she didn’t know. She was forever struggling to find his correct size of clothes and shoes. But he was her favorite child. She said he had a heart of gold, forever ready to give to others.

And so it was no surprise that even in his death he thought of only others. He had given instructions to donate his heart and then be cremated. He thought it would be a problem for them to find a coffin his size.

This post has been written for the Friday Fictioneers.

Great views, empty stomach


Today I’m at a beautiful beach resort with my family. We’ve been upgraded to a suite with the most gorgeous views I’ve ever seen. The weather is lovely, a bit chilly, but not uncomfortable yet.

Should be perfect, right? Read on.

I just ordered a cheese pizza in room service for my son. I wanted him to eat before he went for his story telling session at the Kids Club. This is something he likes but this time he decides he doesn’t like the cheese on the pizza and he just wants the bread. So in order to get something into his stomach I’m trying to remove the cheese and give him the bread. And do you know how hard it is to remove the cheese from a cheese pizza?

You know what? I would easily trade in those views if my son would just eat whatever is available.  If you’re a parent of a picky eater you would understand what I mean. Seriously.

For me a perfect day would be for us to be out somewhere nice and for my son to eat his food.

On a lighter note my son told the desk manager ” You should put an N (for Nadir) on the hotel so that it becomes mine!”

Ps: I apologize for any formatting mistakes as I’m posting from my phone.

Guilty (and a bit neurotic!)

Share a time when you were overcome with guilt. What were the circumstances? How did you overcome your guilt?

There was a time when I bought myself a pair of designer shoes. Now usually I do not indulge myself in this way but somehow my sister convinced me that I should have at least one pair of designer shoes. Not that I can blame her, I obviously wanted them too. She came with me and after several shops we at last decided on one pair. They were the most beautiful shoes I have ever slid my feet into and I just gave into them. When I was paying for them I thought “What am I doing? That’s a lot of money!” But it was too late to back out and I went home with my beauties.

When I tried them on that night they felt uncomfortable and tight. Was it my guilt manifesting itself? No it was not my imagination, they were definitely not comfortable. I decided I would keep trying them on until they got OK. All leather shoes open up according to your feet.

After a month they were still tight. I tried to return them to the store but they told me it was too late to exchange them and they convinced me that I would have to wear them for a longer period of time for them to open up and that they were the correct size.

I felt so guilty that I had wasted so much money. Was my poor husband working so hard so that I could buy a pair of expensive shoes that didn’t even fit me? Couldn’t I have put that money to better use? How could I have been so over indulgent. I thought about those poor children you see in the street barefoot. How many shoes could I have bought for them with that amount of money? Oh my God, I’m such a bad person!

My husband saw me trying to sell those shoes on Dubizzle. He told me that if for once I had bought something nice for myself I should just try to enjoy it. He said I should just wear them properly so they fit me well. “And stop being neurotic!” he added.

So at the next dinner I went to I was strutting about in my beautiful black Christian Dior heels. My guilt does crop up now and then but I’ve decided to keep them and enjoy them as much as I can. After all that’s the only pair of designer shoes I’ll ever have.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Ghosts of Years Past

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

27th Oct 2003: I open the curtains and the stunning view leaves me mesmerized. I stare out at the shimmering blue water against the backdrop of a green mountain. Could such beauty really exist? It’s my first trip to the Far East and I’m with my husband who I married a few days ago. It’s the first time we’re together but it doesn’t feel that way. The hesitation I felt in the beginning seems to have melted away.

Security Council, UN HQ, New York

Security Council, UN HQ, New York

10th May 2004: We are at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. We are standing outside wondering how to get in. My husband sends me forward as he thinks I look less of a Pakistani and therefore less suspicious. I get the details and we enter the building. A few hours and many photos later we stop by a McDonalds for lunch. We are touring the United States and have 3 weeks to see as much as we can. I have discovered that my husband loves seeing new places even though he is not too adventurous.

Langkawai Harbor

Langkawai Harbor

16th Nov 2005: We have rented a car to tour the small island of Langkawi in Malaysia. We have already been in the cable car and now we’ll see the rest of the sights by car. I ask my husband if I can drive the car too but he makes an excuse. I have learnt that he likes to be in charge and I don’t mind. I’ll just relax and enjoy the ride.

Isle de Brehat, Brittany, France

Isle de Brehat, Brittany, France

30th Sept 2006: I’m with my colleagues from Pakistan on training in France. We have a car to ourselves and each weekend we visit a new place. Brittany is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. But every night as I lie down to sleep, my heart aches. 5 weeks away from my husband is the longest separation I have had to bear. So this is what being in love feels like.

View from my hotel room, Cairo, Egypt

View from my hotel room, Cairo, Egypt

6th Nov 2007: I can see the Nile from the terrace of my hotel room. The night view is the most gorgeous I have seen. But my mind is thousands of miles away. I wait for my husband to call me. I want to tell him about the incredible room I’ve got. I know he’ll call exactly when he said he will. I know very well how punctual and organized he is. Having to travel without him is such a headache.

Nathiagali, Pakistan

Nathiagali, Pakistan

8th Mar 2009: We are holidaying in a mountain resort in Nathiagali in Pakistan. We have bought our first home together and cannot afford to make an international trip. It has been the biggest achievement of our lives. People take all their lives to build their own home. Although I also made a major contribution I have to say that my husband is the most hard-working man I have ever met.

Father and son fast asleep

Father and son fast asleep

19th Aug 2012: We are on a plane to Maldives for our first international trip with our son. He is old enough now for us to manage well. I have brought his jigsaw puzzles and his coloring pencils to keep him occupied.  But he soon grows bored and wants to go over to his dad. He snuggles up with him and they both fall asleep. I look at the two men in my life and I feel content.

23rd Dec 2013: There is only a day left for me to do our packing. Since we’re going by car I’m not too worried as there are no weight restrictions. But I should make a list of all of my son’s things as they will be the most in number. Toys, clothes, snacks, I really must make a list. I hope it’s not too cold and we can enjoy the beach. I’m sure we’ll have some good family time together. This time of the year is always exciting for me, the end of the year and the start of a new year. A time of hope, reflection and gratitude. It will be the last vacation of the year but God willing there are many more exciting times to come.

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My Only One

PicsArt_1387727816233Who is the most important person in your life? Describe that person in as great a detail as you can muster and most importantly, tell us why you cherish this person.

My son crawls into my bed adjacent to his and plops onto the pillow. “Mama loves you” I whisper in his ear as he adjusts his position. “Oh Mama, you made me happy!” comes the sleepy reply as he goes back to sleep and starts to snore gently.

How did this little one become the most important person in my life? It didn’t just happen 4 years ago when I first held him, a tiny red wrinkled up creature; it started even before that when I first felt him in my womb.

The first movements were so slight I could easily have been mistaken; they felt like tiny bubbles inside. But they sparked the beginning of a bond that was forged for 9 months and will last a lifetime.

I have watched him grow into the sprightly little boy he is today. He makes me so happy and so proud and I cherish every moment I have with him. I am so helplessly in love with him I could truly do anything for him.

He has grown to have such a unique personality. Today while I was upstairs he sat on the steps calling me. “Mama I love you” he yelled out. When I came down he asked, “Can I have some candy?”

He’s learning phonics these days and so for every word the first letter is emphasized. While eating his food he observed “ke, ke, kebab”. And sometimes just to be naughty he’ll say the wrong thing on purpose; “A for Nadir!” and then see my reaction.

He thinks everything works like a touch screen. He tries to poke the screen of my laptop and the TV thinking something should happen.

He’s very fond of the outdoors and concerned for nature. We were passing through the neighborhood and saw that some branches of the trees had been cut. He immediately spoke out. “Why are you cutting the trees? Where will the birds sit? On the FLOOR?!” Another time he saw the water sprinklers on and he went and turned them off. “If we waste water, the planet will become sad”.

I love the fact that I am also the most important person for him. At least for now. Till he finds a girl for himself and then I may not be the most important person for him but I like to think he will always have a special place in his heart for me.

My Love, My Son (A Poem)

The First Time I Saw You

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