Knotty problems

What would a knotty problem be for a 2 year old? Read on..

My son learnt numbers before he understood colors. He was just two. This post is from his point of view.

I love numbers. I can say the numbers from 1 to 10 in the correct order. I know what they look like. I have a Mickey Mouse bag with all the numbers jumbled up and I can point out the correct number when asked. I like playing that game.

What do numbers mean? I don’t know THAT. At least not yet.

There’s something that my Mama keeps trying to tell me and I don’t understand. She points to an orange and says “orange”, that’s fine, but then she points to other things and calls them orange too. I don’t get it. And then “a blue ball” “a blue rattle”. What could be common between a ball and a rattle? They are completely different. A ball is much more fun. Sure, a rattle makes noise but that’s all it can do. You can’t chase after it. So what does blue mean?

And then there’s green grass and a green hose. I can see that there is a connection between the two. A hose is used to water the grass. And then when the hose is lying in the grass you can’t see it. Because they look similar.

They look similar. Wait a minute. Is that what it means? Mama keeps talking about colors. Is that what a color is? The color green. They are both the same color. Is that it? Yes it is. Oh this is great! And that’s what was common between the ball and the rattle. They are both of the color blue. But what’s the deal about the orange. Can it be that what I eat is an orange and the color is orange too? Yes that’s it!

Oh, I love colors! More than numbers.

8 thoughts on “Knotty problems

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  4. Well well well – this certainly is an interesting perspective in understanding the workings of the minds of children – and how they learn and process things – like numbers – and colors. Associations we all take for granted as adults – well most of us – having long forgotten how it is we learned things all those years ago.

    Great piece of writing Zainab – certainly captures his perspective so well. Fascinating too 🙂

  5. Cute perspective.

    It’s always nice to see parenting done right. I’m only seventeen, but I do know how important it is to actually feel in the mind of your child. You definitely took that thought above and beyond.

    You’re such a great mother, and fascinating too.

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