Great views, empty stomach


Today I’m at a beautiful beach resort with my family. We’ve been upgraded to a suite with the most gorgeous views I’ve ever seen. The weather is lovely, a bit chilly, but not uncomfortable yet.

Should be perfect, right? Read on.

I just ordered a cheese pizza in room service for my son. I wanted him to eat before he went for his story telling session at the Kids Club. This is something he likes but this time he decides he doesn’t like the cheese on the pizza and he just wants the bread. So in order to get something into his stomach I’m trying to remove the cheese and give him the bread. And do you know how hard it is to remove the cheese from a cheese pizza?

You know what? I would easily trade in those views if my son would just eat whatever is available.  If you’re a parent of a picky eater you would understand what I mean. Seriously.

For me a perfect day would be for us to be out somewhere nice and for my son to eat his food.

On a lighter note my son told the desk manager ” You should put an N (for Nadir) on the hotel so that it becomes mine!”

Ps: I apologize for any formatting mistakes as I’m posting from my phone.

3 thoughts on “Great views, empty stomach

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  2. Masha’Allah, what a beautiful view! My son was very picky when he was young, too. One day I took him shopping at a bookstore for kid’s cookbooks. I told him I needed his help picking it out, since it was for a friend’s son. He found one he liked, and even helped me wrap it up later that night. I slipped it under his pillow when he was sleeping and he loved the surprise gift when he woke up the next morning! After this, we fixed food from the cookbook together and he not only learned to eat better, he learned to cook! Maybe this idea, or something similar will work for you, too ;^)

    • That’s a great way to get the kids to eat. My son also helps me with baking and he makes his own pizza. The biggest problem I face with him is when we are out somewhere and have limited options. He almost always makes a fuss. I just keep trying different things close to what he has at home. Sometimes he eats it sometimes he doesn’t. When he doesn’t it gets very stressful for me. 😦

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